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Why I Write

While hosting a book reading for an intellectual fifth-grade class, and having relatively deep conversations with my audience, the reason for my writing came over me like a torrential flood: This is what it’s all about. Conversation.

Children are open and willing to talk. They are able to be vulnerable, still. They want to share. They want to be heard. They want to know that we care, that they have a place to explore their opinions and feelings.

This is the reason for my stories. To talk, to open the conversation, to be vulnerable.

About Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith was born in Santa Cruz, California, spent five years on Kaua’i and finally settled near Durango, Colorado where she lives in the mountains with her husband, Jeff, two curious children, and a third who’s grown and out creating her own adventures. Brooke is involved in different community organizations, works at the local library, writes and continues to create, ponder and discover.

Brooke has two published books, Brinley Discovers Santa (2015), and The Mango Tree (2018); and more are on the way! The Tortoise and the Flair will be released Winter of 2018, and Bucket will be in production shortly after. She also writes with storytellers; those who tell their stories but have a hard time writing them down. She’s working on her own biography, additionally.

You can follow or connect with Brooke by visiting the Contact Brooke page on this website!

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