Brinley Discovers Santa: A Bold Introduction to the Meaning Behind Santa Claus

New_Brinley_FrontCover About Brinley Discovers Santa

Riding the bus home one day, Brinley is teased for believing in Santa Claus. Pondering the words that were said, Brinley chooses to face the facts and along with the support from Mom, makes a choice which ultimately changes the spirit of Santa forever – and for the better! In this story, Brinley faces some hard facts and makes a choice to participate in random acts of kindness and to carry forward the true spirit of Santa every day.


“Brinley Discovers Santa reminds me why I play Santa with my child.” – M. Miller

“Honestly, one of my favorite books. I bought this book initially to give as a gift to a co-worker who was operating under a cloud this Christmas, having to explain to his kids that he had been fibbing all these years about the jolly Fat Man in Red. He dreaded the devastation the news might bring and the damper on their holiday. Yet they are at the age that they would likely hear it from one of their peers, and that would be even worse. The book reveals the truth about Santa — that he’s an inside-job — in such a fun and loving way, kids are certain to embrace this totally ALIVE, new and very real Santa.”
— Glenna W. Heller

Such an amazing book! I loved it and the illustrations were beautiful. This is going to be a new Christmas hit! – Jenna Stumpf

A gift to parents everywhere – a gentle and loving message to help children transition from believing in Santa to learning to embody the spirit of Santa themselves. – Customer

The message in this book is GREAT.  – K. Teacher ( review)

Warren's intro to Brinley