The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree by Brooke Smith
The Mango Tree

About The Mango Tree

In this sweet story, The Mango Tree grows while discovering inspiration and development from somewhere within itself, but also from the surrounding world. The Mango Tree tells a story of growth and perspective; of love and fear; of strength and protection – all hidden within the perfect little body of one small seed. While The Mango Tree matures to reach its full potential, it learns lessons of gratitude and acceptance along the way. What will you discover while reading about The Mango Tree and its many transformations?




“Brooke Smith’s new book is a nice read for kids… or Buddhists… or people who might want to think more like kids or Buddhists. The story has a wise message. Check it out. Could be a pleasant read for a little one you know and/or yourself.”
— John E.
The insights shared at the end.
“Imagine being able to experience your life as an observer from the beginning of form taking place, and you’ve found a great means to reflect on your life and your relationship to all of life. That’s what I have found in The Mango Tree. Brooke Smith has offered one speaking about experiencing life from its onset, as a seed, a presence of life even before existence in form. What is it that would perceive something happening in such a way? Who is the observer reporting- the Spirit of the Mango Tree?
The Mango Tree represents the ability to accept life, to accept the environment and relationships generated through life, a state of allowing life to flow, and a state of gratitude. Written as a children’s book, it serves as a reminder and opportunity for each reader to recall the innocence of their child that always remains intact. I see it as an opportunity to live and love, now.
Thanks for writing this book. Let’s see what this offers to children of all ages.”
— Rev. Bill
A joy to read aloud!
“This is a charming story of growth and determination told from the perspective of the tree itself. A wonderful tale to read aloud to children because the format invites questions. How can they relate to what the tree is experiencing? What do they understand about the world that the tree feels but cannot define? The illustrations are delightful and the language is beautifully descriptive. One of my favorite things about the writing is that the vocabulary is varied and possibly challenging for the youngest listener but presented in a way that will make sense to all and even expand their love of language. I look forward to more wonderful work from this author!”
— Donna Coleman

My kids love zoology books.
“This book touched them with blending science and interspective growth. I loved how much my son thought and loved this book.”
— Mary

Engaging book
“What an awesome book. It is really beautifully written. The descriptions are so vivid, which can be a rarity in children’s books. The story has a wonderful positive message about how we are all connected and to appreciate each other. I would highly recommend this book.”
— Kelz

Beautiful book!
“An amazingly written story! Engaging and a great read for all ages!”
— Lasater L.

Magical book for all ages.
“Children will love the colorful pictures and Learn about life at the same time. Adults young and old will learn about themselves and their own journeys through life. Great read!”
— Jenna Stumpf

Great read for children and parents
“I’ve really enjoyed reading this book aloud to my children. With thought-provoking aspects for all ages, it is a sweet metaphor for life itself.”
— Dan G.

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