The Tortoise and the Flair

front cover tortoiseAbout The Tortoise and the Flair

Julieta is a spectacular, sparkly, social tortoise. She has a passion for creativity. The thing she likes making most is her flair to wear!

Julieta makes friends wherever she goes, and she shares her compassion with everyone she meets. One day, Julieta is missing from her circle of friends. When her friends find her, they notice Julieta is feeling low, low, low. How can Julieta’s friends help her to feel sunny again?

The Tortoise and the Flair shares with readers the highs and the lows that everyone knows. Together, Julieta and her friends are able to feel what they need to feel as they find true happiness through friendship.


A friend recommended this picture book so I bought a copy, not knowing what it was about. I coordinate a reading program at an elementary school so am always on the lookout for new books. This is a charming book about a kind and fun tortoise with flair who has sad times and retreats into her shell; but with the help of understanding friends she is able to reemerge. I have bought another copy for the school counselor. I think it will be a great addition to her office library. This is a great book to start a conversation about depression and sadness; for oneself and how to help a friend in need. – Soonie

This is a well-written story of life and friendships. Illustrated beautifully, Julieta shines as the star, and overcomes some issues with help from her friends. I highly recommend this book! Perfect for young children and adults alike. – DW